Why does it taking so long to bring charges to the murderers of the innocent? John Crawford III Execution On August 4, 2014 five days before the shooting of Michael Brown, John Crawford III was shot and killed by Officer Sean Williams at a Wal-Mart in Bevercreek, OH based on bias and fabricated lies of a […]

Nicki Minaj

Knowledge… I was looking for something of intelligence, something of substance and truth to better understand the true meaning of “twerk”. I simply typed in YouTube “twerk poem” and discovered poetry in its rawest form. For all those who care to listen to the message PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON.


  Is it just me…? I learned last semester in my Race and Ethnic Politics class that African-Americans think collectively together about the betterment of their race. It was something I couldn’t argue as being false because I grew up socially thinking about “my people” or “our people” terms that I know are common among […]

Don't Shoot

  In the wake of marches for Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Officer Darren Wilson  questions are looming from across the nation if supporters of the victims would care if they were killed by blacks. I will first answer this question by saying simply no and here’s a few reasons why: When taking into account racial statistics of the […]


Social Media has been blowing up lately becoming a platform for social awareness and social justice. A couple of days ago a new trend has emerged surrounding the fatal events in Ferguson. Hashtags #iftheygunnedmedown and #dontshootme have imposed a huge question among media bias and stereotypes surrounding African-Americans. After pictures of Michael Brown graduation were used […]

The Message

Erykah Badu ft. Common “Love of My Life” I know I’m only 19 born in the year of 1995 but no one can say I don’t know you. The core of you, your story, memories, and your heart wrenching break up with reality. I grew up around the music interests of my father and mother […]

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President Obama Speaks on Protests in Ferguson Today President Obama spoke at the Martha Vineyard on tensions that have flared after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. He touch upon three particular hot topics involving the violent riots, freedom of exercising our first amendment rights, as well excessive force used by Ferguson police. On the […]


It was only yesterday I decided to write about a fatal shooting of a young male whose life I felt ended too soon. Today as I’ve woken up I realized the hell zone surrounding me full of killings and the same senseless stories shared all over the media. You’d think citizens would have the opportunity […]

Michael Brown
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  Mike Brown was supposed to be a freshman this fall. Instead he has become the new face of police brutality and the newest uproar between Renisha McBride and Eric Garner protesters alike. In his death he has taken an infamous award with him: another unarmed black teen killed with questions surrounding his murder. 2012-2014 has […]

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Are funerals the only time you see your family? I’ve always hated funerals, who really likes them anyway besides the one person in your family who sees things differently in life. Funerals are dark, sad, and terrifying especially for an individual who has an extreme fear of death. Excluding the fear most importantly funerals serve as a […]


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